Where is Tiny Tim and a ukulele when you need one? Okay, I couldn’t resist….here.
A bad flashback I’m afraid. But with Rowan & Martin in the picture, pretty darn funny.

Sock it to me, Margie


  1. I love tulips!! They are so lovely!
    Looking at these photos, I remember way back then I own a blank cassette tape and guess what, it had a yellow tulips design on the tape itself, front and back, plus it had a lovely smell of the flower as well! (guess they put a tulip perfume on it or something..)
    Your photos are lovely!

  2. Love your lovely tulip photos. You make charming works of art with the way you stage them. šŸ™‚
    Way over a couple of decades ago, we went to a circus. Tiny Tim was one of the acts. He signed photos and met folks at the end of the evening. He was so pale and as frail as a flower. He was such a quirky and strange celebrity. Thanks for posting the video it was a fun bit of nostalgia to enjoy. šŸ™‚

    • OMgoodness, he was an act at a circus? Interesting. Probably fit in better there than most places. Like you say, he was so strange and wasn’t around for long. When I posted the title, I immediately thought of him. I got a kick out of seeing Rowan & Martin and thinking about Laugh-In! Thanks my friend.

  3. I love the way you composed these beautiful shots with the floral photos as background. I like the leaf curl too.
    Don’t want to look at Tiny Tim.

  4. reduced to tears and cant stop giggling now! how on earth will i be able to keep a straight face in my meetings later? CXXOO

    • Oh jeez, so glad you got such a kick out of it dear Cornelia! I just couldn’t resist with a post title like that! You want some more giggles, see if you can find reruns of Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh-In”. That show was such a hoot back then with Goldie Hawn, Joann Worley, Ruth Buzzey, Arty Johnson, Henry Gibson…can’t believe I remembered all those names! I can also still remember the sayings and such like sock it to me. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

  5. Oh, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with these images, they are superb. You have an eye for composition. I love tulips, I had a few planted around my patio in my old house and I loved watching them grow and bloom in early spring.;)

    • Hard to believe he had a moment of fame, but he did! It was a big deal when he married Miss Vickey on TV. Probably the beginnings of reality TV and we didn’t know it!!

      Glad you enjoyed the tulips and my new look, thanks!

  6. Margie, Margie just clicked on the word ‘here’ and shock horror I got flashbacks as well, sitting here shaking my head. My Aunt use to sing his songs to me when I was little.

  7. Love the new header – where on earth did you find tulips – or is that just the cover of the book – loverly I must say – off to bed now – enough hopping around (on the blogs I mean)

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