Let Monday’s art class get cancelled ~
Let four of the art class pals show up at my place instead ~
Enjoy a lunch by Chef Michael and have some wine ~
Head up to my studio ~
And this is what can happen ~

No crayons were used in the creation of this piece, but seeing them in the foreground of the picture above along with the wine glasses, puts the afternoon in perspective. Pal Harriet, in a note to Michael and I  said:

“Last Monday has to have been one of the all time best play dates ever. Lunch was so great I didn’t even miss milk and graham cracker snack time. I think a reality tv show at your house would kill. You could have various friends and local celebrities stop by as Michael shows off his culinary skills. Then, you could kick people off the island if they were boring or too sober. Just a thought…..”

Good times, Margie


  1. Looks like a really fun time. I like your collective art piece, it’s delightful.
    Your blog is beautiful, I really like the changes a lot. 🙂

  2. Sometimes the best moments are the ones that are not planned. I used to go to art classes when I was very young, it was the best time of the week.;)

  3. hi margie, i’m coming over! let’s have some fun. i love to paint and draw and color, but do not slow down to do it. i loved when you told me to PACE myself. that’s it. i need to. and on summer break, i’m going to splash some paint around! i’m so happy you had a wonderful time with your arty friends. joy!

  4. It sounds wonderful. Sign me up for the show. With Michael cooking and you laughing, the world of reality television could use you. Keep blogging it makes my day

  5. I am so mad that I had to miss this play date…….oh that’s right I am the reason for the play date….let’s have another one!

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