When I set up my new blog, I neglected to put a subscribe widget along with the “WordPress” follow button. I have rectified the situation in case you would like to follow me at “Smitten with the Mitten”. Click here to get there. I’ve posted some lovely end of the summer lake views today in Zen Eyes style! xo


With the onset of Fall, my most favorite time of year, I decided it was time for a fun change. I have started another blog! I hope my dear readers of so many years as well as my newer ones, will come see what I am up to. It has everything to do with my move to northern Michigan full time last year.¬†And, once again, I ran out of space here, and decided not to pay for more. Another sign it was time to switch things up. Click HERE, and see why I am Smitten with the Mitten”. Can’t wait to see you there!

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