Love this. Someone did a beautiful job fitting these together. Very zen.
XO, Margie

6 thoughts on “THIS ROCKS!

  1. What a surprise to find this on a beach.
    I would call it a cairn (a heap of stones set up as a landmark, monument, tombstone, etc.) and wonder what’s creator intended to mark or commemorate.


      • I once had an get fit phase [note the tense] and each day I went for a jog along the country lane by my house I stacked a stone into a heap like this.
        Maybe the creator of this lovely pile was doing the same thing?

        Waving from across the seas,
        Felicity x

        PS: My pile didn’t get very big – jogging wasn’t for me – taking long walks and photos on the other hand, now that would be an exercise plan I could stick to~

      • Waving back lovey! This pile was on the beach in front of a big house on Beach Street where each house has their own private area. Walks around the hood is what I do daily for exercise too and my camera is always with me just in case. Same route just about every day, but with natures changing nature, LOL, you never know when something great will appear.

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