Yup, fifty-five big ones today. Managed to dodge raindrops yesterday to browse Art in the                  Park in Birmingham where I found a treasure to add to my creative space.                  Thank you Michael!

I was certainly attracted to the beauty and composition of this photo on canvas. However, after chatting with the artist- photographer Jane Wilhelm, I learned that her photos are unaltered, the flowers are from her garden, the china is from her grandmother, hence it’s name, Grandma’s  Sugarand she does her own photo styling. Does the word talented come to mind? You may see her work here.

How cute is this?

An adorable necklace from Betsy, sitting atop a cute zipper case from Charmaine all the way from Australia. She sent me several other sweet treasures like a tin in which to keep my tea. I’ve had surprise visits, phone calls, happy birthday songs and texts, flowers, and breakfast out. I am truly blessed and grateful for my life and the wonderful people that share it with me. 55  big hugs to all, Margie

14 thoughts on “DOUBLE NICKELS!

  1. 55! You’re pulling my leg! You don’t look a day over 39! Happy Birthday Friend!! I wish you many, many more as you spread YOUR sunshine everwhere. Love you.

  2. Best wishes Margie! you deserve not only a happy day but a happy all the time life….you radiate joy and zest and enthusiasm to anyone you meet, I am so glad that I have crossed your path……

  3. Margie Happy Birthday. The painting is beautiful and I agree very talented. Nice to see work that isn’t altered. Love the necklace from Betsy. Hope you had a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday Margie! Hope your day is wonderful! I am headed home from sunny Arizona to not-so-sunny Michigan – back at art tomorrow. See you then!

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