This weekend is an extra special one for Michael and I. Our best girl, Betsy, got engaged to the love of her life here, her favorite place in the world, David’s too, northern Michigan. A bike ride to a quiet beach at the end of the day, where Betsy and her brother used to swim and play since children. A magical moment. We couldn’t love her fiancee more, nor his family. We are blessed.

I hope this finds you enjoying the last long weekend winding up the summer. Where did it go? I know where mine went, at least I think I do. The move was daunting, but so worth it. We are still in the apartment above the garage. The house is almost done. I will schedule the movers to bring our things the end of September.

My camera went on the fritz, but have a new one. The same kind, a Lumix. Not ever worth repairing as they don’t cost a ton in the first place. The repairs costs more. Feel like I am missing an appendage without my trusty camera. The phone camera is fun for Instagram, but that’s about it for me.

Here comes the fall, my favorite time of year. In northern Michigan, it quiets down as the seasonal people (which we USED to be), head home. The colors will wow me continuously. The crisp air will call for sweaters, zip ups and boots, warm toddies. There will be vibrant blue skies. Be still my heart.


  1. I was popping into some of the blogs I follow before leaving for a vacation and here it was – a magical place.
    Your photo is peacefully stunning.
    It reminds me of where I lived on Long Island. It was a small fishing town. Sailboats painted the sky. Thanks for taking me back to those special memories.
    Congratulations to all on the engagement. Many blessings to them in their future.
    : )

  2. Yeah! I’m so happy for all of you. It must make you so happy to see your family growing . Please send Betsy my best and a really big hug and a hug for you too.

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