How I adore looking for seashells on the beach. A peaceful, quiet, contemplative activity. After I collected these, the moment I got back to our room, I was compelled to create something. I found the blue book with the imprint sitting on the desk. I grabbed it and played. It provided such a lovely background. And the imprint, serendipitous I suppose. Don’t we all hope that each year will be one like no other? How about the shadow on the last one? Looks like it might take flight.

Contemplative play
With bounty from the ocean
Creates inner peace

It doesn’t end there
As the shells came home with me
Transporting me back

Ahhh, Margie

33 thoughts on “MY SHELL GAME

  1. hello margie, they are just beautiful! the sun shining on them adds the feeling of the beach. i hope you had a lovely adventure. joy!

  2. Your shells are beautiful. I agree about the last photo it does seem have life and ready to take flight. Dreamy haiku too. 🙂

  3. I am also an avid shell collector and brought back a ton from Singer Island FL. Diane recommended a coating of watered-down gloss gel to protect them and enhance the colors. Great pics!

  4. Such fun finding and collecting shells that make us happy! My favortites to find are the Cat’s Paw shells and CH likes shark’s teeth. So true about the peacefulness of finding them Margie and then the remembering!

  5. So beautiful – all of it! The shells, the arrangements, the photos, the haiku – just a wow post this morning. Thanks for sharing that!

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