I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to Cathy Bluteau of Cathy Michaels Designs. She is a very talented artist that consistently creates journal pages filled with stunning color combinations and compositions that light my fire.

There is a beauty she manages to capture in everything she does. I ordered a kit from her esty shop, and it was so visually pretty and put together so gloriously, I didn’t want to take it apart! But I did! LOL! Cathy’s creations, from little sewn gift tags to hand decorated papers, inspire me. She does amazing lettering and doodle art that goes beyond any doodling I’ve ever seen.
There’s more! Cathy sews and uses vintage items to create fabulous, one-of-a-kind treasures.
Cathy has been featured in many top notch publications, and has a few creative publishing possibilities in the works right this very minute. I am a big fan and wish her great success in whatever she does. Not to mention, I like her personally. She is fun, warm and real. If you are looking for something unique, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone near and dear to your heart, don’t hesitate to visit the wonderful world of Cathy Michaels Designs. I can’t wait to receive my latest order from her. I’m letting her surprise me. I just asked her to use a Spring theme as she loves creating kits around themes. Oh boy, I know it will be a doozy! A colorful explosion of spring beauty while I wait for the real thing.

Colorful, creative hugs, Margie



  1. Margie – omg – I didn’t even know you did this -really you are so kindto do this – I so appreciate your support. I only found this because a friend commented on here and I somehow saw it on facebook!! Thank you so much – a little late but nevertheless thank you. I so hope we can meet some day

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