Here’s the sweet little spot where I paint
Here is my view
A little sketchbook exercise from last week’s class.

And from the week before
What I so enjoy about Catherine’s class is that it is very informal. You do a lot of practicing with mixing colors, different applications for watercolor, and just plain drawing in your sketchbook. She demonstrates what she is teaching, which we ALL love, and you walk away learning something each week from her, and from fellow classmates. It’s just plain fun. Between the class and Gail’s and my blog, I feel I am getting more and more comfortable with a paint brush. Yippee!

Although this was taken at the holidays, thought I would throw in a photo of the kitchen space in our very comfortable and cozy home. Went for the cottage modern look. It opens into the sitting area. You see the back of the couch. I will snap a photo of that space another time.


19 thoughts on “ARTSY FARTSY UPDATE

  1. That’s a great space for creating art. Love your little watercolor sketches. That’s a great, cheerful kitchen. I really like the open shelves.

  2. Love seeing where you work! What a great spot, especially with the window. I end up working at the kitchen table because the light is good. The office/studio in the basement is a little dark. Btw I have island envy. What a great kitchen! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Margie, what a beautiful and cozy snapshot of your life now days. I loved your painting space, the art that you have been making lately indeed shows how comfortable you are with the brush. You are doing great in every aspect of your life now, congratulations on a change very successfully done!

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