P1000724Yes I am, and it makes me happy, happy. Gail and I are back creating for our artsy fartsy blog, Artfully Ours, which some of you are familiar with. We decided to work our way through the alphabet as our first challenge for 2015. As I mentioned before Christmas, I am taking a watercolor class with northern Michigan artist, Catherine Carey.

P1000730She is a gem, and how I love her watercolor style. Her charming book is one of my favorites. You can visit her lovely blog here. I joined a group of women who have been taking from Catherine for years, so I’m the newbie, but they made me feel welcome on the first day. They are a hoot! We work out of watercolor journals which helps us from getting stressed over large sheets of blank paper. Catherine tries to keep everybody relaxed and having fun, all the while sharing her watercolor/drawing wisdom. I will share my pages with you along the way. Let’s see what happens.

8 thoughts on “IN THE THICK OF IT

  1. Lucky you! It sounds like a perfect class. I lover her style of watercolor and the idea of a watercolor journal. Look forward to seeing more of your art. Have fun. SE

  2. Looking good dear Margie, I really enjoyed the images from the book of Catherine Carey, thanks for sharing. I like her style very much!

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