A  glorious day in northern Michigan. So, I hopped on my bike, which looks pretty darn good considering it is almost 30 years young…like me (wink wink). I feel that way these days. It has to be my surroundings don’t you think? Borrowed my dear neighbor’s flower boxes for a photo op. A trip to the post office to mail letters, the bank to cash a check, to Town Hall to pay taxes, water bill and electric, then to the local sandwich shop to get Michael’s favorite tuna, another stop to get a salad for me, ordered cookies from Tom’s Moms to take to a barbecue Saturday evening, and last but not least, stopped in the bike shop to get air in my tires and my seat adjusted, for which they said “no charge”. What a delight to be able to tootle around town on two wheels, never having the need to get in the four wheeled variety if I don’t want to. Have I mentioned how I have to pinch myself daily? I’m starting to get bruised, but I don’t see an end in sight.

13 thoughts on “MY RIDE

  1. What a cool way to get around!!! Love the color….I can just see you wheeling around on it… Happy , wonderful life!!!

  2. and the basket on the two wheeler holds everything just fine . . .
    How are the hills . . .
    Enjoy these next summer weeks . . . with more smiles.

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