Maybe forest faries live here


Hello handsome!


 Aw, being shy are you?


 Ha, gotcha!


You can’t hide from me!


Didn’t mean to disturb your mud bath froggies!

Gently I saunter
Taking in my surroundings
Looking for treasures

And treasures I found
Tucked in and gently living
A life intended

13 thoughts on “GREEN

  1. Oooo I love the haiku Margie.. I think I have just recently found that I am living “a life intended” “where intended” and it makes me happy! Your frog pictures make me happy and make me smile.. 🙂 Like your little dragonfly too! Margie, have you ever listened to Dragonfly Summer by Michael Franks? I think you would love it.. I could get you the link but I am lazy this morning. Maybe you could google??? 🙂 I might be back with it!

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