FLY RIGHT or stay home!

This is Baggage Claim at the Pellston Regional Airport. Is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I had a fit!


 Check in why don’t ya?


Wait here for your flight.


Need to check emails, do some work? How about here?


Want to grab a bite before take off? Have a brewski? Watch the planes? Come on up!


Or maybe, you just want to sit a spell in front of one of the stone fireplaces while you wait for your flight, or for your guests to arrive.



This is my idea of taking the stress out of flying. Wish I had a photo of the rental car area for you, but I don’t. Fits right in with the rest of this place.  Went to pick up our son last week, and snapped photos with my phone. The Pellston Airport actually deserves to be photographed with my camera, but what the heck, you get the cozy picture. I think you all need to see it first hand, so book a flight to come and see me okay? I’ll leave the light on.


15 thoughts on “FLY RIGHT or stay home!

  1. I remember being here like it was yesterday. My friend Ms. Pat Sehr lives at Pellston and decided to show us this airport last year. I only had a couple of minutes to roam around but it was very unique and cute. Loved the theme. Wish I could revisit. Thanks for the nostalgia. 🙂

  2. I certainly have seen many airports in the US and around the world … this IS the cutest. I agree. I might have to check it out one day. Love G

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