As some of you may recall, I wrote this haiku the morning after Christmas, 2013:

Do we ever stop
Developing as beings?
I surely hope not

As growth signals life
Ever changing evermore
I relish the thought

Creative morphing
Spiritual development
Unfolding chapters

A new year calls me
Fresh as a new born baby

I love the newness
A fresh start with a clean slate
Waiting to be filled

What will this year hold?
Only the universe knows
I shall be patient

It knows what I need
Perhaps better than I do
I’d like to think so

I shall be present
As 2014 starts
Focused and ready


And this was my January acrostic:

Just take it day by day
Answer your heart’s questions
Never stop growing
Understand life evolves
As we do!
Relinquish control
Yield to the changes

Little did I know then, the very BIG changes that would be coming my way. We have been talking about downsizing for a couple of years. In April, we decided to put our beautiful home, which we have loved and enjoyed for 14 years, on the market May 1st.  A tad over 2 weeks later, it is sold. Northern Michigan, here we come! We have been going north for 30 years, spent many summers with our now grown children in its glorious grip. We will see how we do full time. Relinquish control, yield to the changes… The universe surely did know something I didn’t. A new adventure awaits!

Needless to say, my attentions are needed elsewhere. Still much to be done. I wish you all peace, and a happy, healthy, joyful summer or winter season, depending on where you hang your hat. I will return to my perch in the fall with tales to tell, and a whole new zen eyes view to share. You will be missed.

HUGE hugs to last until then,




18 thoughts on “TTFN

  1. Margie! I think it’s been about a year since I’ve seen you, but always feel connected here. I know you love your northern digs and I know you will continue to shine there! You are a delight. Scribble down those daily haikus and post an anthology in the fall. I can’t wait. You inspire me. Godspeed. Mary

  2. Wow! Congratulations on the fast sale. That’s really exciting news. Northern Michigan is so beautiful.
    Your lovely photos and haiku will be missed, but I expect to see you back when you’re settled in your new home.

  3. We are certainly going to miss you guys as well!!! Good luck and much happiness to you both on your new adventure.

  4. Very exciting . . . I thought you were North already . . . surprised and looking forward to fall and “more North!” . . . enjoy the evolving into new . . .

  5. Margie – funny we are both at the same place right now. My house went up in May and also sold 2 weeks later. Now I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and selling off big items!! It’s exciting tho isn’t it. A new start – second half of our lives!!! I know that one day we will meet. Maybe a common New York trip whaddya think?

  6. Beautiful post Margie. I love the “Relinquish control, yield to the changes…” its so important to do this as certainly the Universe does know what is right for us. Wish you all the happiness in your new Home.

  7. Wow that was fast. I knew it would sell it is such a beautiful house. Congratulations, I think. A little bittersweet

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