Despite the craziness lately, I DID take the time to submit these two photos for the 2014 Michigan Fine Arts Competition.


“Table for Two”


“Sign of the Times”

The second is a picture of my best girl, Betsy. I took it on a hotel rooftop in Brooklyn when she stepped inside the door for a moment. The first was taken at the historic Holly Hotel. Michael and I had gone for lunch, and well, the lighting was just right, as was the moment. When trying to decide which photos to submit, it is truly a crap shoot because it all depends on the individual serving as the judge. I always try to pick something a bit unusual, out of the ordinary.

They BOTH got juried in!!!

AND, my photo of Betsy made it into the Sampler!!!

Happy dance, happy dance!!!

34 thoughts on “YIPPEE!!

  1. congrats momma!!!! you’re so deserving of this recognition for your beautiful photography!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Congratulations Margie! However, it does not surprise me. It seems to come naturally to you!! I always enjoy your photo postings.

  3. So happy for you. Make sure to let me/us know when the show is. I will be there if I can. You are a true talent

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