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I am writing from Cloud 9 after spending an evening with the one and only, Sir Elton John at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas! Ahhhh! He and his Million Dollar Piano blew me away from to die for seats. (Thank you CF!!!!) Seriously, the best concert I have ever seen. He opened his show with “The Bitch is Back”! Can you imagine? The staging was incredible! I actually got a few really good videos with my phone, but damned if I know how to share them here. Drat! You’ll just have to settle for these  not too shabby stills. He was gracious, told some wonderful stories, tickled those ivories like a wild man, and was in fine signing form. Don’t get me started about the rest of his band. WOWZERS!!! It was an evening I will never forget. (Thank you  again CF!!!!)

Months ago, I planned to meet up with two dear pals, Carolyn and Kathleen, in Vegas. We try to rendezvous at a different spot once a year. It’s been two or more since we managed to get together. Good thing I made the reservations months ago, because as crazy as things have been around here lately, I would never have gone. Funny how things work out. It was a much needed diversion. Not one of us spent a penny gambling, but made up for it eating, drinking and being merry. Here we are, the three musketeers! IMG_2748

I hope to be around soon to catch up on your lovely blogs, and leave you with BIG Easter hugs.

19 thoughts on “ROCKET MAN REIGNS!

  1. Margie,
    I am a HUGE HUGE Elton John Fan, got to see him at Caesars last May, and went up on stage – I think I cried from joy! I tried to take some videos and photos while on stage – but was shaking so from being so excited! I LOVE your photos! You must have been sitting in the BEST seats! These are fabulous! Would you consider selling one to me?

  2. Sorry Margie, I sort of stopped reading after the first few lines but excited envy does that to me!!! Wow, Elton John at Caesar’s Palace doing what he does best, showing off in great form and such great seats – I would have cried the whole time, tears of joy. So happy for you, really!

  3. Loved the pictures! He is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!! so I m envious. Yes you deserved a good break, and it seems like you took full advantage of it.

  4. Magnificent way to enjoy a gathering of friends. It’s sounds like a wonderful time. Your photos and smiles glows with happiness. Thanks for sharing Sir Elton with us, he’s a fun and unique character.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Happy Easter. 🙂

  5. What a fabulous evening, Margie. Your photos are really great. I’m surprised you were allowed to take photos during the show. I went to a great show here in South Africa last night but no photography was allowed. It seems to be standard here.:(

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