Not quite, but I’m working on it!! My children flew the coop years ago, so I’m not talking about that kind. It’s about, as you know, purging “stuff”, change, new growth, new adventures, and renewal. Clearly by all of your wonderful, heartfelt comments to my last post, we all experience the need to let go of things at different times in our lives. An ongoing process for most.

I am still standing, LOL, and feeling lighter every day by simplifying my surroundings. Ridding our lives of excess is not for the weak of heart. I am not struggling with what to give up and what to save at this point. But boy, it’s a ton of work going through everything, doing it right the first time. Yes, the “keep” pile remains the smallest and most precious. Isn’t that the way it should be?

It’s all good. I am blessed. Stay tuned. Life marches on. Glad to have you in the band.

12 thoughts on “EMPTY NEST?

  1. Oh my !!! I’m intrigued by the fact that it’s difficult for people to let go of things. I’d like to put a value on something but once I do it goes away …. even people and family. It may sound pessimistic but I keep nothing because they all go away.
    I think you should be grateful for the humans that you have and look at things as an extension of those special people but not needed because you have them, some people don’t. No judgement just a lack of knowing what it’s like to have.
    Good thoughts for you as you sort through what is important and what is not.

  2. Lovely photo.
    Way to go on being able to keep a good perspective on the ‘keepers’. That’s just another positive trait for me to admire about you. πŸ™‚

  3. such a freeing exercise Margie, I went through every drawer and cupboard late last year and took away loads of stuff … still some on the way out but S has created a few ‘delays’ πŸ™‚ gorgeous nest!

  4. Lovely pic which symbolizes the post theme aptly! Yes to sort out and discard the clutter in the house has a magical effect on removing the clutter in our our minds too! March on Margie πŸ™‚

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