Stuff is about ‘what if?’

“What if I miss it, what if it comes back into fashion, what if it becomes a collector’s item, what if I need it when it’s gone?

Our relationship with stuff is highly idiosyncratic. Some people like to hang on to everything they’ve ever acquired in a ramshackle and dishevelled style; others crave minimalism and bare spaces. Some say they are ‘organised’ hoarders; others like to keep everything for a while, then go on throw-away binges. And then there are those who believe ‘junk’ is something they will need a few days later, if they do get rid of it. For them, everything is a resource. No matter our style, ‘stuff’ is what we must deal with—and it’s everywhere.”

OMG! I have been purging “stuff” from our home in anticipation of putting our house on the market in the not too distant future. I was lamenting the endless act of doing so to my pal Charmaine in Australia. She said she is a chucker and her husband is a keeper, and sent me the link to this article, which I included above, photo and all. I love the chucker part of this duo as I feel that is what I am, at least now that I am in purging mode. Here is the bottom line: If you wish to curb your spending habits and quit buying “stuff”, go through every nook and cranny in your house, and figure out what pile it goes in:

-Craig’s List

I can pretty much guarantee, if you are really honest with yourself, and truly aren’t a hoarder, most items will end up in the piles NOT labeled “Keep”.  Try even a small area needing a good weeding out, and see if I’m not spot on. I truly believe there are gnomes that live in the basement and storage areas of our homes that make sure our “stuff” multiplies monthly, heck, maybe even weekly! There is no way I could have accumulated all this crap by myself. I’m lightening the load my friends, and it feels pretty damned good!

15 thoughts on “KEEPERS and CHUCKERS

  1. I think it’s the time of year when a lot of us do this…Spring cleaning, ya know. I have been too! Have fun and good luck with the future sale of your home. Happy day to you Margie.


  2. I’ve stopped buying as much stuff as I used to – mostly because I can’t afford it. Every so often I have a clear out so I figure that eventually I’ll catch up with myself!

  3. I’ve moved a lot so have had the joy and frustration of purging many times. It amazes me how much stuff there is to let go of each time. Now that I know I’ll be staying put my challenge is to continue, on a regular basis, the discarding of things I don’t love or that aren’t useful. In fact, now that it’s been almost a year since the last great purge, a good spring cleaning and clearing is in order.

  4. I purge constantly and I’m ashamed to admit that some of the clothing I’ve donated still had price tags.
    Where are you going, Margie? I hope you’ll still be nearby!!!!!!

  5. Nothing like selling a house for sorting through the stuff . . . . I am a big chucker but then I am not a big shopper either. I have moved too many times and the last thing I want is for my sons to be wading through all my tatt when I die!
    Margie, if you have been in your current house a long time I wish you all the best – it’s an ongoing editing process of exploding memories, time wasting but then getting back down to it!. Exhausting but liberating!

  6. I’ve always admired folks who can toss stuff out or get rid of it without flinching.
    I have to give a great deal of thought with some things and other things are easier to let go of.
    Usually, if I toss something that I’ve had for years and not used, you can bet without a few weeks I will need that very item and have to go and buy a new one to replace it. lol
    Good luck with your packing and sorting. Also I hope your house sells quickly.

  7. I love the idea of the 3 lists! Part of my hesitation is I have so much crafty stuff I want to make sure ends up with someone who will appreciate it and make something fantastic! But you go girl!!

  8. I know what you are going through and this post made me chuckle! AND made me think about my ‘stuff’. Let’s say I need to get in my nooks and crannies!!

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