Uh Oh!

Crushed 1


Fun of Nose

Other Half

Peek A Boo

The aftermath. It wasn’t pretty. But oh so good!



First time I noticed the little faces on crab legs. Glad they weren’t alive like a lobster when you put them in the water. I would have had to close my eyes. Eek!

Don’t be crabby today okay? Promise?

16 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE…

  1. Funny coincidence. I just got a Lobster Gram from my brother. It had 8 large lobster tails and three dozen Alaskan crab legs – also three varieties of shrimp too. I have been eating seafood all week. My husband is working out of town (for six months) and has missed all the seafood yummyness.

  2. cheeky Margie! they do look like little faces, perhaps to scare predators away? I read your snail book last weekend, and loved it … now a friend who has also had a very long strange illness is reading it … we will never think of snails the same old way again, what marvellous creatures!

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