I am obsessed with snails! Meet Minkus, my first watercolor of one.


Here’s the thing. I read this book: 9781565126060_p0_v2_s260x420

Skeptical? This about sums it up:

“How interesting can a snail be? Entirely captivating, as it turns out. [Bailey] is a marvelous writer, and the marriage of science and poetic mysticism that characterizes this small volume is magical.” 
—Star Tribune

I triple dog dare you to read this and not fall in love with snails, and look at them in a totally different light. I can guarantee you will find me on my hands and knees in the dirt come spring, looking for one to observe. I WILL find a real Minkus!

I want to mention that this was the first continuous line drawing I’ve done. It is thanks to Watercolor Artist Nora McPhail that I thought to try this. She does amazing work, and much of it is done in this manner. Pay Nora a visit and see what I’m talking about. I thought perhaps it would take the focus off drawing something perfectly, which is something I struggle with anyway, and I was genuinely surprised how cute Minkus turned out. He actually has personality. Hmmm. Maybe a breakthrough for me?

Slug hugs, Margie

P.S. to my best girl, Betsy: Thank you for naming my snail. Minkus is a perfect name for him!

39 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL…

    • Me too! I have it sitting by my favorite chair on a plate stand. My friend who loves to garden warned me not to go into a garden forum and sing the praises of snails/slugs, LOL! You, being a Master Gardner, would know about that!

    • Thanks Patti! Aw, we love it too, and her name IS Betsy, not a nickname for something else. You’d be amazed how many people would inquire of her or us when she was growing up if it was a nickname.

  1. your drawing is divine, yay for continuous line drawing … and the subject … I love those little things too, but am not so fond of the big fat garden snails … I once sent a little wild snail from here to a snail researcher, who said there are hundreds of different ones … and now I have to read the book thank you Margie 🙂

  2. I just love your picture. Stopped by Nora McPhail’s blog and watched one of her videos on Youtube. Thanks for sharing. Keeping painting.

  3. Minkus; cute painting and cute name. (Betsy, how on earth did you come up with it? You and your mom are a delightful duo.) Word of caution Margie, do not wander into a gardener’s forum and say snails are adorable! Even if they are.

  4. Your Minkus is full of character.. 🙂 I will be buying this book. The real life, hold in your hands, turn the pages book. I know I will like it like That Quail Robert! It will be a wonderful beach read.

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