Behind glass I see
Relentlessly falling snow
Gracing the tree limbs

I remain cozy
As I watch the world turn white
Looking through a haze

The outside beckons
Better judgment tells me no
As cold winds prevail

So I bide my time
Waiting for an opening
To rejoin nature

Ready and waiting, Margie

16 thoughts on “RESTLESS

  1. Beautiful photos of your awful weather.
    You’ve penned a wonderful inspirational poem.
    I hope you all will soon get a break this winter.
    Brrr. Stay cozy and be safe.
    My warm thoughts are with you.

  2. Dang! It looks COLD there. Beautiful but COLD!! 10 degrees in my bit of country this morning.. Brrrr. Words of patience in that haiku Margie. The single digit temps are starting to give me a cranky.. πŸ˜€

  3. Brrr … it looks cold. Although, I do love the first day when snow falls. It really isn’t cold.
    You have a nice collection of photos depicting the hazy falling of snow.
    Your poem pulls it all together. Fabulous, Margie.

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