TEA with ME!


I am a die hard fan of Trader Joe’s Jasmine Green Tea.  I’ve tried everyone’s jasmine green tea, but TJ’s reigns supreme. However, I spied, with my ZEN eyes, this beautiful tin of Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea when I was at Barnes and Noble last week. As I got closer, I smelled the blueberry scent wafting from it, despite being sealed like a drum. How could I resist? IT. IS. SCRUMPTIOUS! What a treat to have after dinner or when I am feeling a bit decadent, like right this very minute. How about joining me? I’ll leave the door open, and the light on. You’ll find me heating the kettle.

Steeped hugs, Margie

24 thoughts on “TEA with ME!

  1. I might enjoy stopping over for the TJ Jasmine . . . or the BN Blueberry would be fine too.
    Tea is not my usual . . . maybe it is time for me to change that . . .

  2. Oh man, I am a VOracious tea drinker, although I’m over-sensitive to caffeine and thus order de-caffeinated black teas from the US to fulfill my need for black teas. The US does such peculiar things to green tea, things we’d never ever do in Japan. But this one sounds fascinating and I must see if it can be ordered online. I can drink one cup of caffeinated tea each day, if I drink it early in the morning, and that is one of my favorite moments of the day. Thank you for sharing this! oxox

    ps. Thanks for your frequent and kind comments on my etegami blog. They go a long way to keep me motivated to post.

    • Honestly Gilly, I have always been a black tea drinker, no herbal period, and do not like plain green tea. But I drink SO much tea (I go through two boxes a week), the caffeine would be way over the top if I drank that much black tea. And would probably never sleep,LOL!

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