I started and COMPLETED this  (oh yes I did!) in two weeks, working on it in the evenings, before Christmas. I finally found adorable, smaller kits with preprinted fabrics at this sweet etsy shop, The Floss Box.  Click here to see the next one I am going to do!

While I was organizing my art supply closet and creative space (you know, first of the year spring cleaning), I came across old watercolors, a pastel, even pieces made with wine corks (have a few of those) 😉 Hmmm, they were pretty cute, look free and spontaneous. Why do I struggle these days with my watercolor sketches? Maybe I think too much and am way too critical. Yeesch.









This may be my favorite group of those I found. I remember doing them too. I sat at the island while Michael was cooking (lucky me), music was playing, and I was drinking wine. HA! It’s the wine!!! Made me less critical perhaps? More relaxed? Loosey goosey? What do you think?


Stay tuned for photos of my neatened up creative space. I love the start of a new year.


31 thoughts on “ArTsY fArTsY UPdAtE

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  2. It is said that wine stimulates the creative juices. Oh, wait…I said that. 😉
    These are lovely, Margie. I love your Christmas embroidery. I get all crafty at Christmas time and I made some little cross stitched felt ornaments. I found lots of free charts of little motifs on Pinterest.

  3. Yes to wine and loosey goosey and being more spontaneous and creative. I swear I think I take better pictures after a glass of wine! I know I’m happier while I am clicking them.. 😀 Margie your watercolors are amazing. I love watercolor and wish I could dabble in it but it is not my thing, no talent there. I did embroidery after CH and I were married and moving all over the US in the Army. I loved it and you have sparked a renewed interest for me. I need something to keep my mind and hands busy, and you know, just to relax. I had a big fail at rug hooking.. 🙂 Loving those wine cork grapes!!! Enjoy your Thursday Margie.. Big Hugs!

  4. Margie you’re an amazing artist.
    I see perfection and beauty and fun in your art and you embroidery too. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your Spring cleaning, I wish I could find such treasures while doing mine. 😉

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