How sweet is this little girl? Soulful eyes, soft pink ears, moist nose, HUGE heart. Hope belongs to my dear friend and next door neighbor up north, Rochelle. Hope is “handicapable”. Her momma accidentally chewed off one of her front paws while trying to remove the placenta after birth. You would not know she is three pawed. She runs as quickly and smoothly as any dog I’ve seen. To add to the beauty of this story, Rochelle is a hospice nurse, which speaks volumes about my friend of twenty plus years. And guess what? HOPE is a therapy dog. She accompanies Rochelle to work, and spreads joy as only she can do. I’d say both of them are gifts, bringing comfort to patients at the end of their earthly journey.

With love and gratitude for caregivers everywhere, Margie

7 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. Beautiful puppy dog and a wonderful story. I’m thankful her owner let her live. I love that Hope’s a hospice dog. I believe the world is a better place when we allow our fur-friends to help with healing or comforting of people.
    I totally agree, Kudos to the caregivers and loving souls who make life better for so many.

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