blue cast of winter

The sun is shining
But the cold penetrating
Like needles through skin

I long to be out
But better judgment says no
The sun deceiving

So I stay inside
Contended to explore life
From the inside out

Which includes my soul
And what I need to be ME
More than anything

Words provide comfort
Be they mine or from a book
It does not matter

Inner reflection
Warms me where the cold does not
From the inside out

The confines of home
So vastly underrated
When you have a choice

Stay warm, safe and reflective, Margie

21 thoughts on “INSIDE/OUT

  1. Good Morning Margie! Such a pretty wintry photo. Love the snow covered limbs against the wispy winter clouds. It’s amazing the things I can find to click at home but I don’t think they are blog worthy.. 😀 Hope you are warming up.. 😎

  2. Love this poem ~ you’re a fabulous writer! Stay warm and get some sugar scrub on you so your lovely skin will stay soft in this frigid air!

    Ciao bella,

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