P1040347December 14th

P1040380December 16th

P1040388December 22nd

P1040406December 26th


Do we ever stop
Developing as beings?
I surely hope not

As growth signals life
Ever changing evermore
I relish the thought

Creative morphing
Spiritual development
Unfolding chapters

A new year calls me
Fresh as a new born baby

I love the newness
A fresh start with a clean slate
Waiting to be filled

What will this year hold?
Only the universe knows
I shall be patient

It knows what I need
Perhaps better than I do
I’d like to think so

I shall be present
As 2014 starts
Focused and ready

Just take it day by day
Answer your heart’s questions
Never stop growing
Understand life evolves
As we do!
Relinquish control
Yield to the changes

I composed this the morning after Christmas, while the house was still quiet as a mouse, thankful for my many blessings, and with an eye towards a brand spanking new year. Like this paperwhite I have been watching grow in leaps and bounds, just about ready to blossom, I hope to do the same in 2014 with grace, joy and patience.

Wishing my dear readers a new year replete with everything you need to be fulfilled, joyful, happy and healthy.


16 thoughts on “NEW GROWTH

  1. Beautiful message Margie “…Relinquish control, Yield to the changes” that’s exactly what my mission 2014 is. Wish you and yours a Bright and Happy New Year.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. As 2013 ends, I want you to know how much your posts have helped me grow, brought me peace and given me joy!! Thank you, Margie, for being a part of my life. Wishing you good health in 2014!! Love ya, Sandy

  3. Happy new year to you. Beautiful photos (aren’t Paper Whites just the best?) and lovely words. Thanks for sharing.

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