I got the idea from Rita at Sketchbook Wanderings, to write down observations made while communing with nature. I didn’t even cheat and look at the photos to refresh my memory two days later when I sat down and starting writing. Here’s my list:

–frost sparkling like diamonds on fallen leaves
–leaves standing at attention with no apparent commander
–nests revealed, swaying precariously on now bare branches
–leaves stuck partially under ice, the other half waving hello…or goodbye
–squirrels perched upon bare limbs, munching away
–the sun, magnificent, against the clear, bright blue sky
–a lone leaf wedged between a rock and a hard place
–birds unusually quiet, most likely tucked in their nests all cozy, or heading south
–the honk of geese flying south, and the beauty of their formation
–droplets of dew frozen in suspended animation
–leaves blowing in synch down the street, beckoning me to follow
–neighbors raking, bending and blowing leaves
–mums and resilient roses silently speaking their final goodbyes
–sharp winds hitting my face, reminding me winter is around the corner
–the park playground void of activity
–dark limbs of trees creating artful silhouettes against the sky
–my hand, going in and out of my pocket, grabbing my camera; gloves on, gloves off
–ripe berries no longer hiding among the leaves, open season for birds and squirrels
–gourds and pumpkins, their carved faces distorted from critter nibbles
–leaves floating through the air, tumbling like graceful gymnasts to the ground
–leave carpets of gold and red, fit for a queen
–leaves looking like they were covered with powdered sugar

That was fun! Give it a go. It takes being one with Mother Nature to another level.

Happy weekend! Margie


  1. Lovely observations Margie!Your words and photos are beautifully put together. I wonder if you know Chittle Chattle? She sometimes takes her camera for 100 step strolls to see what she can find. I’ve tried it, it certainly makes you mindful.

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