Last NIGHT we had our first wee snow fall. It made me feel COZY inside as I watched from the window, surrounded by twinkle LIGHTS and candles. Fast forward to this MORNING. It was early. I had my coat on over my jammies and bathrobe when I took Quincy out, a fashion statement gone awry. It was the frost, the light, the dark, the shadows, the falling leaves that made me want to scream with JOY. I ran back in to get my camera. There I was clicking away, hands stiff from the cold, but my ZEN EYES filled with delight. So many observations made, haiku flying through my head. The journey continued a couple of hours later, sans nighttime attire, when I took my daily constitutional. The early bird gets the worm! Had I waited until late morning, all the magic would have disappeared like the rabbit in a magician’s hat.

The leaves swirl and twirl
Reaching their destination
Softly and with grace

The ground now covered
With fall’s final offering
Frosted and outlined

So much stark beauty
Which the sun makes glittery
Causing me to squint

I welcome the glare
The new season upon me
Anxious to embrace

May you SEE your surroundings with CHILD LIKE eyes.


15 thoughts on “THE LIGHT JUST SO

  1. Reblogged this on Artist of the Everyday and commented:
    I’d like you to meet Marge, my Haiku muse. I’ve been following her blog for some time now. She inspires me to keep writing Haiku. Even though I’ve never met her I consider her a friend. Thanks again Marge for the inspiration. Fabulous photos!

  2. i did exactly the same this morning, although i was dressed and i went out on the deck with my camera. it sure feels like the holiday season now! joy to you, n

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