DAY 1, 9, 10 & A SELFIE

Our first night and last two nights in Brooklyn were spent at the very hip, cool, Wyeth Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

P1000078I took this photo on one of our earlier visits, and caught it when it was quiet, which it never is. Not sure how this happened actually.

P1030811 It was neato keen that our bathroom window looked out on the street below through the letters of the hotel sign you see in the first photo. The rest of these give you a feel for the rooms at the Wyeth. Love the exposed brick, high ceiling, and cement floor.









I had just read about this new watch company in Detroit, and here was a guy painting a billboard below our 4th floor window.


I was goofing around to see if I could take a photo through the full length mirror in our room to reflect the skyline out the window. I wound up with an artsy fartsy photo of me with my camera. My first AND LAST selfie, LOL!


Here’s looking at YOU kids!


13 thoughts on “DAY 1, 9, 10 & A SELFIE

  1. Oh my ….!!! I thought I had commented on this before but realized that it was Sylvia from A Day in Paradise who had posted something on Brooklyn. I love this post. I am in awe at how my Williamsburg, Brooklyn has changed since my days. It wasn’t like that while I was growing up. I’m glad things are looking up but this post made me miss the time that has passed. I hope to go there some day once again.

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