“I welcome this new day.
It is a gift to me, a new creation.
I salute the Sun, the Earth, the Seas, and the Sky.
I am thankful for being alive this morning.
Thankful for the sleep that has refreshed me.
May my hands do good work.
May my eyes see the truth.
May I speak compassionately.
May I make the world a better place this day.”
–Β  Ceisiwr Serith

Such moving words for a most beautiful time of day. I captured these this morning as I left Harbor Springs. Now, my haiku I was moved to write, celebrating the dawn.

Horizontal clouds
Meet the blue gray of the lake
Welcoming the morn

Refreshing, crisp air
Causes me to breathe deeply
Fall’s sweet calling card

So many blessings
In Mother Nature’s embrace
Ours for the taking

May you never forget to take the gifts nature so willingly offers us.


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