Hello my friends! Back from northern Michigan and ready to embrace the end of summer, beginning of fall, which is truly my  favorite time of year. I will play catch up for a couple of days, but should be by to see what you all have been up to while I have been unplugged. Here’s a bouquet for you! I shall enjoy rifling through my stash of captures, gathering visions and words to share very soon.  This photo makes it clear… it really is all about the light.


Have a swell weekend. I’ve missed you.

Welcome back hugs, Margie

9 thoughts on “SWEET GREETINGS!

  1. Margie, this is just brilliant! I have printed it out, will laminate it, and put in front of my computer screen, Fridays at 6pm latest, to keep me from working over the weekend!!!

    Cornelia xxoo

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