Is it really almost the middle of July? Holy Tamoly! I hope you all have been enjoying our fleeting summer, or for some of you, not so fleeting winter. Funny how winter seems to drag along and summer flies. I am enjoying myself and time away from my perch. I am embracing a low carb lifestyle, meditating every day, walking my 3 miles daily, and in general, doing good things for my soul. Of course, that includes some creativity. Not so much being one with my camera right now, but dabbling with my watercolors and creating pages in My Sketchbook Project journal. Thought I would put up a few photos so you can see the latest.






As you can see, I have added a little washi tape here and there. Just futzing around, trying not to over work anything. I don’t go back in and change or add anything. It is what it is. This is the cover of my Sketchbook Project Journal, and a few pages I have completed thus far. “A Simple Place” is the theme I chose. Quite fitting. Just how I like things, simple.





My sweet Quincy boy chomping on a bully stick today.


One of my cactus in a cute pot!


And last but not least, me in front of my photograph “Skyfall” which got juried into the Michigan Fine Arts Competition 2013! Yippee, yahoo, hip, hip hooray!


Oh, and as of Tuesday, I’m no longer a redhead! Went back to my natural color, brunette, with a little added zip, LOL! Sometimes it’s just time for a change.

Lasting hugs until we meet again, Margie

16 thoughts on “HELLO ALL!!

  1. wow !! These paintings are more than lovely and beyond beautiful ! Love them….you are really so talented ! I am just staring at your work right now……With admiration in my eyes ! Love it all xx

  2. hello margie – welcome back! it sounds like you had a peaceful and productive time away in your 3d world. i used to paint a little, but now photography is satisfying my creative side. somedayyyy though, i might join you in painting. it’s wonderful, isn’t it. wakes up a different side of your brain.

    congratulations on your juried photograph! it’s lovely. see you soon, n

  3. I love, love, love your sketchbook project. The illustrations are beautiful. I too have been trying to get my hairdresser to take me back to being a brunette, but she keeps making me a redhead and says it goes better with my pale skin tone. I miss my dark locks, but she thinks it makes me look older.

  4. Congratulations, Margie, on your beautiful photo! Looks like your creative juices have been flowing freely. I love the work you’ve done on your Sketchbook.

  5. Hey Margie: Congratulations on your photo. You truly deserve the recognition. I love your photos. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love ya, Sandy

  6. Thank you for posting your work and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you. A very deserved honor – all the incentive I need for seeing the show. Miss you lots.

  7. you’re such a cutie. and a fresh spirit. 🙂 love your journal entries and the fact that you’re taking good care of yourself. congrats on the art entry!

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