which means I may not be visiting your lovely spaces as often, or posting as regularly here. It is that glorious time of year when I need to be in front of a computer screen less, and outside more, exploring and just wallowing in summer’s grandeur. Whatever you are doing in your special part of the world, make the most of every moment, and know I will be trying to do the same here.

HUGE see you when I see you hugs, Margie

P.S. I follow blogs through Google Reader which is closing up shop soon. Please let me know what you are using so I may switch over before it’s too late. Thank you kindly my friends! xx

18 thoughts on “TIME TO REFILL THE WELL…

  1. Here’s wishing you beauty and sunshine. I hope you have a lovely summer.
    I’ve been tempted to shut my blog down for the summer, but then I get a post in my head and can’t resist. So, like you I’m going to be an off and/or on blogger too.

  2. Margie, enjoy your fun in the sun! The whole thing about blogging is meant to be who we are and enjoying, the company we keep, no timetable, no routine and full of surprises. I’m with Gillie on the Google reader ? but I do use WP reader. Emails kill me. Whatever, let’s all have fun!

    • Oh, Google Reader is where I subscribe to blogs I follow. When new posts come in, they show up there. I do that instead of get them in my email inbox. Google Reader is closing July lst I think, so I wanted to know what source you use to follow blogs. Thanks Gilly!

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