I gaze at the sea
Causing my mind to settle
Gulls glide by on air

Otters playfully
Practice their acrobatics
Much to my delight

The mystical sea
Holding many deep secrets
We will never know

It can be scary
Considering its power

It holds so much life
Why do we not respect it?
I don’t understand

The coastline grabs me
Holding me captive for hours
My thoughts swept to sea

The water soothes me
Erasing anxieties
My body might hold

Magical powers
A slight of hand at its best
Quite the magician

The sea affects me
Just by simply being there
Doing what it does

I wrote this haiku on the plane ride home in two different sessions. They all apply. The great bodies of water on Earth, no matter their size, affect me deeply and passionately. And yet, I am not one to frolic in it, but am happy gazing upon it. I believe it has great healing powers. And powers yet to be discovered.


18 thoughts on “MANY FACES HAVE I

  1. Such wonderful pictures…I can smell the ocean, feel its spray upon my skin. The haiku is a beautiful complement…! Thank you for a great beginning to my day!! XOXO

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