2Boy and Girl

Meet brother and sister, Wyeth and Wyneth. They set up their little stand next door to a restaurant we went to on Sunday evening on a very quiet street in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. Could they be any sweeter? Loving his green apron, her orange sweater cape and blue glasses. How about the red boots? Their little personalities just shine through. Let’s head into the beautiful month of May with lighter hearts and a childlike mind. I think I shall paint some rocks this afternoon. If not rocks, something.


18 thoughts on “SIMPLE PLEASURES

  1. did i not comment on this? these children are adorable and enterprising. and YOU appreciate that! busy here, but will find time to visit when i can. joy to you, margie!

  2. They really are adorable, especially the green apron, red boots and pumpkin-colored poncho. What were they serving up? Their names are very odd for brother and sister! 🙂

  3. Good Morning Margie! Very sweet!! And Wyneth has some very cool boots.. 😀 I clicked to enlarge and I think I can see why you would pick that rock. Wyeth’s John Deere tractor apron is priceless.. 🙂 So is his curled up little toes!

  4. I used to find rocks on the beach and in the creeks then paint them and go person to person on the beach and door to door along the beach cottages and SELL mine! I guess I always had the capitalism in my brain! It’s so sweet to see little ones doing this kind of “stuff.”

    By the way Margie…don’t you have an emerald birthday?

    As always, thank you for saying hello on my blog.

    Ciao bella,

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