my world is turning green



It’s raining today, and suppose to rain all week. I was sitting at my drafting table making haiku cards at roof top level. I looked out, and I swear, everything before me had a gorgeous green glow. This rainfall, which started around noon, triggered an almost immediate metamorphous. I walked this morning. It was not this green. So amazing. Nature’s magic, the very best magic of all.

May the earth come alive right before your eyes this week.


17 thoughts on “RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES…

  1. exactly, margie. it did just that. my favorite green is the lettuce growing in the pot on the deck. enjoy!

  2. Finally nice to see spring!
    We had snow today, and we are bracing ourselves right now for another round of lots of snow and very high winds that are supposed to arrive within the next couple of hours, and our area is projected to get hit the hardest with wind. Then we should see spring about midweek.

  3. how wonderful to see it right before your eyes margie … here the changes are not as extreme, but we see the lichen on the casuarinas turn green overnight after rain 🙂

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