I surely do. Especially at the end of the day, when the sun comes through the windows from the west, casting a most magical light on my favorite spot to sit, read and contemplate. I am enjoying my collection of greenery, blossoms and cacti, recently acquired. I haven’t managed to kill anything yet, LOL! Maybe they like that I whisper sweet nothings to them.


Quincy’s chair is on the other side of this low table. I look at him through orchid petals and he smiles at me with his loving eyes. Like this, but now I have all my pretties between us.


Two of my favorite photos of Paul and Betsy encircled with love and a HUG!




This is called a goldfish plant. When it blooms, it gets little flowers on it that look just like the Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers!





I believe everybody has a sweet spot.

Β Margie

18 thoughts on “SAVORING THE LIGHT

  1. Good Morning Margie MaRGie MaRgie!!! I am loving seeing your sunny sittin’ spot to contemplate! I like your pretties too. I think my favorite sittin’ spot inside is on the sun porch. I have lost my room I was working on to CH! I have no idea how that happened dang it. Quincy owns that chair.. πŸ˜€

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