Philipsburg is #4 of the most popular cruise ports on earth. Hmmm. It is the capital of the Dutch side of St. Maarten. It boasts of having a mile long commercial district filled to the brim with duty free merchandise. We drove there on a day when only one cruise ship was in port so it wasn’t very crowded. The next day they were expecting 6 ships in. Yeesch! I have NEVER seen so many jewelry stores in one place in my life. I cannot believe I got some pictures which don’t show any. There would be 7 in a row, one t-shirt shop, than another 10 stores in which to leave your money and go home with something shiny. Not our cup of tea. We were hoping to find galleries with local art and such. None really. I guess they know what the ship visitors want. Oh yes, there were bars and eateries along the boardwalk which were quite festive. Tropical print shirt or dress anyone?

Have a colorful weekend! Margie


  1. Sadly, the real crafts of islanders has gone the way of commercialism.
    We found it hard to find any local artists there. Although, a cab driver took us to one artists home/gallery and I was able to buy a painting.
    Don’t you just love the colorful exteriors…???

  2. this reminds me of nassau. we cruised last summer, and it was the final stop. my son really wanted something good to read, so we looked and looked for a bookstore. no luck. it was the same duty free stores – ugh. finally we found a dunkin donuts with wifi and downloaded a book for him. whew. you’re photos are lovely and feel very familiar. happy weekend!

  3. Your managed some charming pictures despite all that Margie 🙂
    We have noticed that popular cruise ports, like some of the Greek islands we have visited, are much nicer at night when the hordes have left.

  4. What an interesting place to visit. Resort areas really know how to cash in on the tourist. The place is lovely and the weather there looks like it was gorgeous. Your photos are wonderful. 🙂

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