Yellow and fuchsia
A delight for my eyeballs
The day before spring

Yes, spring officially starts tomorrow. I’m thinking the date should be moved forward to sometime late April, maybe even May. Just a suggestion. I’m a realist, LOL!

Hope springs eternal, Margie

15 thoughts on “A SPLASH OF SPRING!

  1. I would agree with May or June for the arrival of spring. I wonder if it will be the slowest progress into spring ever. Our native hedges should be glowing fresh bright green but all we have is dark twiggy silhouettes.

  2. Beautiful photo. Love the angle you used. Nice work. Here’s to spring. We’re in DC on vacation, and it’s freezing cold here. Brrrr….
    Cherry blossoms not due for another 2-3 weeks. By then we’ll be home.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Diane!

      So happy to see a comment from you. Enjoy DC. It’s darn cold here too so…

      A friend of mine just told me about this very cool atrium area located where the portrait gallery is. And, she said they went to the News Museum which she found extremely interesting. Just thought I’d mention it since you are right there!

      Have fun!

      Hugs, Margie

      • Thanks, Margie, and we did them both – the Portrait Gallery atrium and the Newseum, both extremely interesting. Back to sunny California on Saturday.

  3. Oh the bright colors
    A feast for my hungry eyes
    Glorious promises of Spring

    Oops, I got too many syllables in the last line. Oh well, I tried. lol
    Happy Spring to you, Margie. I hope your days are filled with beauty and sunshine. 🙂

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