a/k/a Quincy and Linus

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I spent the last two weeks dog sitting Betsy and David’s Linus. To say I fell head over heels in love with him and considered doggy napping is an understatement. It was his first time away without Betsy or David. Quincy, who wasn’t sure about this arrangement, actually got used to the idea (sort of), and as you can see from the pictures, got along just fine. I managed to get these photos which is surprising, since Quincy is camera shy. I think he was pleading with me to ditch the little whippersnapper when he WAS looking at the camera!

Linus on the other hand, having started his life with Betsy, is used to being photographed like a celebrity, so I got some beautiful captures of him.



His favorite spot was on my footstool (if he wasn’t on my lap), and adored catching a few rays every morning after breakfast.



I lost track of how many times I kissed this nose!



Here’s looking at you kid!

Thanks Betsy and David for letting me watch your adorable, cuddly, well behaved, spunky, beautiful Linus. I really do miss him, but am back in my pre-Linus routine, and I think I caught Quincy doing a happy dance, LOL!


16 thoughts on “KIBBLES & BITS

  1. I love these photos of the pups. We are missing having one but are holding off a bit longer. Shena Ibu are so elegant looking and yes, Linus is so comfortable with the camera! But Quincy is the kind of fluff dog we favor. What is he? We rescued a golden doodle a few weeks back and in the 1 hour we had her she’d stolen our hearts.

    • Linus is a Sheba Inu, which is a Japanese breed and part of the husky family. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I will be by yours to see what you are up to.

  2. The boys are adorable. What a wonderful Grandpuppy you have. He’s so pretty. Quincy probably enjoyed Linus more than he let on. lol Thanks for sharing your fun and delightful photos of these gorgeous guys. 🙂

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