I like this shot of Michael. We wanted to go on the beach the first day, even after dark. The hotel subtly lit a small portion of the beach at night so you could actually see the ocean. We ended up on lounge chairs looking at the sky in front of our room shortly thereafter. So beautiful.


The view from our ground floor room.




Three views of this picturesque spot. The open air restaurants and bar were just to the right and left of here, where guests would gather to watch the sun go down, or have a relaxing meal, morning, noon or night.




The atmosphere was magical no matter the time of day. I snapped this last photo in the late afternoon. Most had left the beach. This one couple remained, not wanting to miss a moment of the beauty this island had to offer.

Create some atmosphere of your own this weekend, no matter where you are.

I can still feel the ocean breeze. Ahhh, Margie


  1. Yes … we can create that same feeling in our own back yards but it would have to be some place warm. For me , here in Florida, I can enjoy the tropical breezes and warmth of the sun all year through. It is magical.
    Lovely photographs …..

  2. the first photo is so dramatic! it grabbed me. also the one of the person was a little scary until you wrote about it. and the view from your room looks fake – movie-set perfect. so glad you got away and made wonderful memories with your family. thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay, I’m now officially pea-green with envy of your visit to paradise. You’ve captured some of the most amazing views that I’ve only seen equaled on travel web sites. You’re a wonderful photographer. Absolutely breath taking. ~happy sigh~ 🙂

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