The last time I reported on this sketchbook, I was using colored pencil. I decided  to work with watercolor, my favorite, and add a tad of ink from a micron very sparingly, going directly onto the paper with paint, no pencil first.  I look at something in a book or magazine, and try to render it. Good practice. Plus working so small, I am not as intimidated. I am learning to work with a compact travel watercolor kit and only a few brushes. Ultimately, I would love  to take it wherever I go, and paint outside or wherever.  Not doing one every day, but that’s okay. Eventually, it will be filled. I painted the grave markers as I wanted to try and capture the shadows and depth of them. Grave markers really Margie? Okay, so I added the butterfly, and poof, it added whimsy.  It’s all good. I am learning. A great way to experiment with watercolor or any medium for that matter.

Always exploring, Margie

35 thoughts on “ARTSY FARTSY UPDATE

  1. Ahh, I woman after my own heart! I was just going though my art supplies which I haven’t really touched in 14 years. I quit when I started driving school bus, I was always too tired and I don’t to art well when tired. But I’m off waiting for back surgery and picked up my calligraphy pens. I still have all my paints, paper and brushes. Before I quit painting I was selling my watercolors for $200 to $500 dollars… I hope while I am recuperating I can paint and calligraphy…

    • Oh Madge, a comment which contained news of pending back surgery:-( but one that also excites me to no end… to see you pick up your paint brushes and pens again after such a long hiatus. I do hope you will share them with us on your blog as you rediscover your artsy fartsy self. If not on your blog, I hereby request personal emails so I may enjoy your re-awakening.

  2. lovely margie! and now on your trip, you’ll have bright colors and new things to paint. also walking in a big cemetery here is such a big deal, they have marked paths and mile-markers for runners. it really is a peaceful, beautiful place. safe travels!

  3. I always felt water color was one of the most difficult. There is no white paint, you have to let things dry before moving on and learning to make washes is crucial. You seem to be doing well at it.

  4. Margie I think it is a most excellent artsy fartsy update! I love the little birds and the potted plants. My absolute favorite, the grave markers with the little pink butterfly fluttering above. Very sweet I think. Like Tex my favorite pick reminded me of my Mom.

  5. That is Fantastic !!! It is exactly the kind of comitment and dedication that all of us artist need. Thanks so much for sharing. They look very sincere… I also enjoy your subjects.

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