It all started in October of 2000.

I was a guest at Golden Door spa in Escondido, California, visit #2.  My first visit, one year earlier, was life altering.

I attended a session on the history of haiku given by Rachel Caldwell, General Manager of Golden Door, and haiku enthusiast!

 I left Rachel’s session, and within minutes, my mind started thinking 5-7-5, 5-7-5. It was so intense, I didn’t know what to do first. Grab a pen, a piece of paper?

I found myself in the spa boutique and purchased this…


and “Haiku to You” was born. I knew Golden Door was magical! I ran to the front office, and scored some decorative paper one of the employees happened to have, and anything else I could get my hands on. I grabbed potpourri from the bathroom, and after I ate Baby Bell cheese in my room that afternoon as a snack, used the waxy wrapper to make a sun. These are a few of my early pages which launched me into haiku heaven.





I wrote haiku for staff members on folded papers. I was a wild woman. Rachel had never seen anything quite like it. At the end of the week, I was presented with this sweet little award.


Could you see me smiling ear to ear? By the time my plane landed in Detroit, I had written 85 plus haiku, all pertaining to my Golden Door experience. Fast forward a few months. I sent my very first batch of haiku cards to the Golden Door boutique manager, Hilda, to see if they were worthy of a spot among the others treasures they sell. THEY WERE! Twelve years later, I still have to pinch myself!



Rachel is my mentor and dear friend. I will be forever grateful to her, and the magic of Golden Door, for being the catalysts that ignited this gift within me. Just recently, after my latest photos and haiku from Naples were posted, I received the most beautiful email from Rachel with the following haiku she wrote to me:

My Haiku student!
Images flow from her pen.
Now I learn from

Great pride fills my heart.
I shared but a few guidelines
and you’ ve made magic!

No words to describe how that made me feel. Thank you Rachel, from the bottom of my heart.

Grateful hugs, Margie

28 thoughts on “HAIKU BEGINNINGS

  1. Awesome! You are an amazing poet and extraordinary lady. Thanks for sharing the birth of your wonderful awakening to painting life with words. Also I really enjoy how you combine textures and mediums to enhance the beauty and mystique of your haiku. 🙂

    • Fun this post triggered that memory. I wouldn’t know you and your Mom (two talented artsy fartsy spirits) if it wasn’t for Golden Door. And, I remember it was toward the middle of the week we were sitting around the pool, and discovered we both had blogs that had some form of the word bloom in it! What a great discovery. I remember I featured your blog on Talented Blogger Tuesday shortly after I got home. It has been wonderful seeing your talents grow as an artist, ever changing. One different from the next, all beautiful and oh so spiritual. You can see Tracie’s art here.

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