This is Kathy. What makes her an extra special bell ringer for the Salvation Army, is that she sings. Yes, sings Christmas carols the entire time she is doing her good deed. Her station is at the shopping center a mile from my house. I’m there a lot. I told Kathy how much I love that she sings, and she makes me smile. She told me she sings all year long, but usually there is no one to listen, and here, she has an audience all day long. Pavarotti she’s not, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone should sing. It does a heart good. I video taped her with my phone. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a video here. However, I can get a dose of jolly anytime I wish, and do not even have to get in my car.

We can all learn something from Kathy. Sing your song, be jolly, make someone smile this holiday season. It is so easy to get caught up in the tasks at hand, and forget what really counts.

Cheers, Margie

15 thoughts on “TIS’ the SEASON

  1. There was a “Kathy Sighting” at the Kroger’s on Lone Pine Rd and Telegraph. I heard the singing as I was pulling into the lot. I asked if her name was Kathy…..should have seen the smile that lit up her face!! Made my day 8- D

  2. hello margie – she’s awesome! thanks for trying to share her singing with us. we sing in my classroom, and the kids love it. try “my bonny lies over the ocean” with a different hand motion every time you hear the letter “b”. very fun and funny. joy to you, n

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