The gifts I receive are many. My grateful heart is filled to the brim most days. For the big blessings yes, but for all the small, simple ones as well. The colors of nature, the moon and the stars on a clear night, the changing of the seasons, a good read while curled up with my blankie, a good night’s sleep, to wake and see the start of a brand new day, mine for the taking, the birds chirping their good mornings to me. The blessings of life are endless. One must open their eyes and see, open their hearts to receive.

May you have hearts filled with joy, and remember the true meaning of the holiday season no matter where you are or what you celebrate. Paul and Betsy are coming home. Michael is cooking turkey with all the fixings, and I shall spoil them all in my own way. Can’t wait! Life is good.

Thankful hugs, Margie

20 thoughts on “GRATEFUL FOR MUCH

  1. I hope you have the best Thanksgiving week ever, with lots of yummies & little blessings (and big ones too). I so appreciate all your comments on my blog, I am grateful for you!

  2. margie, thank you for the beautiful wish. i’m with you in your grateful heart. we are very blessed. enjoy your family and this holiday. i give thanks for you, my blogging friend, n

  3. Thanks for the beautiful words and photo – I believe we can never be reminded too many times just how great our lives are and how important it is to pay attention to the little things along with the big ones.

  4. Your post today is a gift to all of your followers, Margie. Its our reminder to just open our eyes and hearts.. . . . .simple and powerful.

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