Well, I’m not so little and very tall, but…

First entry

My name was on it
Not really, but I knew that
The challenge was mine

Drawing’s a struggle
So what better way to learn
Than draw everyday

Inspired by walks
And communing with nature
Let’s see what happens.

Perhaps when I’m done
I will draw free and easy
A good thing for me

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

Committed hugs, Margie


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  2. Love this! What a great idea, and your pinecone is lovely. Thinking after all the holiday madness is over, I may just have to treat myself to a sketchbook & some nice, new colored pencils.

  3. If this is what you can draw now on day one then I can only imagine what you will be drawing in 365 days! At least you don’t have 534 recipes to make! (Got the movie Julie & Julia in my head). Cheers, Charmaine from downunder on a beautiful sunny spring morning.

  4. You will do it! What a coincidence. I have just bought myself a beautiful hand made sketch book to record nature as I come across her each day, but as you can imagine gardens will sneak in. I haven’t yet decided when to start but something will poke me into action.

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