I was looking through a leafy portal

And found this guy

or maybe he found me, as he was chittering away, and came down a branch to make his point!

Okay, okay, I’m moving on mister!

Yeesch, Margie

19 thoughts on “LOOK WHO I FOUND!

  1. I have a friend who cares for squirrels that have been injured or who have been captured because they are starving. On one visit to her house, she took several out of their cages. They were running and jumping. She put one on my shoulder. It was eerie. They have sharp nails. He ran all over my body. She thought it was cute. I did not. I maintained my composure until she put them in their cages; then, screamed. Eeeeekkkk … they’re cute but not all over you.
    Nice pix’s ……

  2. Ha, ha…great shot! They are amusing when they scold!
    I just had the same thing happen to me recently. I got a pretty good shot of him with his mouth open, scolding me. But he’s not so mad at me anymore since we’ve been providing him with treats.

  3. Dang Margie I love me a Brown Fox Squirrel! What a great shot right down to the little nick in his ear. Some girlie squirrel probably gave him a little ear bite.. 🙂 The leafy portal is gorgeous with that light dancing on the leaves!

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