This is a journal page I did to contribute to a multi-page journal my art teacher is compiling for an exhibit. Took me twenty minutes. That is a good thing, as I over think everything when it comes to most artistic endeavors, unless I am making my haiku cards or taking photographs.

Notice my thoughts on this journal page. If only I would listen!

I found this photo on Pinterest and fell in love with this guy and his colors.

Taken by Isn’t he a beauty?

Just before I left for New York, I started a pastel rendering. I didn’t get too far. It needs more work, but I think there is hope for him.

I actually think photographing your work in progress allows you to see what needs to be done with more clarity than just looking at it with the naked eye. Hmmmm.

I am also ripping and tearing beautiful handmade papers

creating haiku cards to complete an order for Golden Door in California. They have been selling there for ten plus years now, along with my photo packets and haiku booklets. A dream come true. I still have to pinch myself.

And, I am reading this book right now. It is off to a great start! Allowing time to read again has been good for me. Makes me happy, happy.

Hope your week is off to a grand start!

AF hugs, Margie

20 thoughts on “ARTSY FARTSY UPDATE

  1. My goodness what a creative post. Really love the colours of the journal page, the softness of the pink feathers and the texture of the handmade papers. Well done.

  2. I loved this post. The colors and the post are really pleasing. Great share!
    I love this blog. Your sister in over thinking….

  3. really great cards – impressed that you have been selling them/there for 10+ years! awesome! i like the advice you gave yourself, but yeah, i’d have a hard time loosening up, too. πŸ™‚

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