fall in full swing around the hood!

The birds were singing and chirping at the top of their wee lungs, music to my ears. Squirrels were busy digging to China to hide their nuts, not a one to remember where they put them. Quincy was patient and sniffed contentedly as I snapped away. Morning light is just so beautiful. Everything looks more appealing than usual, even the street signs! And, to my surprise and delight, the moon was still awake to wink at me. It was quiet, serene and the air was crisp. I made sure to breathe deeply.

Off to see our kids in New York. See you next week.

xo, Margie

12 thoughts on “I SPY WITH MY ZEN EYES…

  1. Wow, what a wonderful post Margie, I really enjoyed it. All your photos are so beautiful, I think my favourite is the third one and the one of that glorious and colourful tree ! Have fun in New-York !

  2. So many beautiful reminders of fall. It was my favorite time of year up north.
    The yellow and orange leaves on the oak tree is my favorite, mainly because
    I miss seeing the colors changing on trees. Thanks for the memories.
    Izzy ~~~~~ : – )

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