My dear Charmaine from Australia, decided I just had to try Vegemite, which is beloved downunder. Ok.

So was this a trick or a treat? The jury is out!

Benefits sound decent.

She said I should have it on white bread, toasted with butter. Ok. Oh, and with a cup of tea.

Hmmm, looks like chocolate.

 Here it goes.

Hmmm. Well, it doesn’t taste like chocolate. It’s salty. I love salty things, capers, olives, pretzels, chips.
Hmmm. Took a swig of tea.
Didn’t like the taste that remained in my mouth. Quickly toasted another piece of bread to have with butter and a piece of cheese on it, LOL!
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Really.
However, I must say, Charmaine, I love YOU, the Vegemite, not so much.

I DID IT! And leave you with Men at Work singing away about a Vegemite sandwich.

G’day mates, Margie

18 thoughts on “CARE TO JOIN ME?

  1. A world without vegemite is like a world without sun – keep trying it followers of Latebloomerbuds – it requires a sophisticated palate. I’m an Aussie so I was born with this love of vegemite – haha!

  2. is it like a healthy yeast that vegans eat? i’ve read about some type of nutritive yeast. but it looks just awful. i’ll have the toasted cheese, please!

  3. Yep I don’t think there is any inbetween. Love it, don’t love it. I am not a fan. I am not crazy about Nutella either but give me a jar of Jif’s chocolate hazlenut spread and I smile with every spoonful.. 🙂

  4. Way to go Margie. I think it may be a taste that has to acquired in the childhood years, vegemite on toast for breakie, vegemite sandwiches for lunch in the playground, that sort of thing. But you tick that off the list of life experiences now.

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